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May 14, 2012 / emmabashforth

Exhibition layout

Above is the mockup layout of my exhibition ready piece that I made in Photoshop. The frames I have ordered will not be arriving in time for the deadline of my FMP, but this image clearly shows how the triptychs are going to look frames and in what way they will be arranged. There is no longer any issue as to how I will be hanging my work, as I will be hanging it from the frames.

I decided to show the six triptychs as separate pieces, rather than going with one big block of images (as mentioned in this layout post). I have also shown the vinyl I intend to get printed in the layout above for the ‘tracklisting’. I am currently unsure exactly what size the vinyl will be and had to make it a little bigger than it probably will be so that it is was visible in this mock up. I will probably want it to be about the same width of the triptych it is underneath, or maybe even about half the width of it.

I think this is quite a professional looking layout and I am excited to get to the exhibition space and set it all up. It is going to involve a lot of measuring and making sure the space between each triptych is even and everything is straight, but I think that it is definitely going to look good when it is all done.


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