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May 14, 2012 / emmabashforth

Blurb Book

Above are some screen shots of how I would like the layout to look of the book that I would like to produce now that I have my six final images and the titles to go with them. I wasn’t really sure which website I was going to use to get the book printed from, either Blurb or Lulu, but I decided Blurb had the easiest editor to try out some different layouts and see how I wanted the book to look. I tried with the triptychs and text on the same page first of all, but didn’t like the way this looked, and then ended up with the layout that  can be seen above. I chose blank white backgrounds to go with the images and titles as I want the focus to be on them with no distractions. I think the book lets you see each triptych with the lyrics, song, artist, album title and year (tracklisting or soundtrack) separately and pretty perfectly, letting you think about it for as long as you want before you turn the page to see the next one.

After I had worked out the layout on Blurb, I loved it so much that I immediately decided that I would be using Blurb to print the finished book from. There were a few extra pages in the book that I didn’t need, but this allowed me to put in some information about the book and project and some information about myself. The most difficult part of producing the book was choosing what colour the cover of the book would be. I went with black first, because I thought it was plain and strong, but it didn’t look quite right to be. I played around with colours and the pale ones seemed to be working the best, but I was trying to figure out why I was choosing difficult colours and what they might say and I couldn’t.  I ended up choosing a creamy white colour, for the same reason the pages inside the book are white and blank and plain, to not give any distractions of the moments and soundtrack of my life.

I have paid for the fast turnaround time and postage, but I am still not sure whether the book will arrive in time for hand in as I spent so long deciding on the titles for my work and whether I even wanted a book or not. The book will definitely be here in time for the exhibition, though, and I think that is the most important thing. Since the book might not be ready in time for the deadline, you can view the finished book here:

The book from Blurb will cost £19.95 for a hardback cover, or £12.95 for a softcover. I think that, since this is only a small book, it will look more appealing with a softcover, which is why I’ve decided to go for the cheaper option. In that I am spending less money on the book due to the cover, I have decided to upgrade the paper quality to Premium Paper, Matt Finish, taking the total cost of the book to £14.89. On top of that, I will be paying £11.99 – £15.99 for fast postage. I plan to order a few books so the total cost when I have ordered them all will be at least £50 – £75.


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