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May 21, 2012 / emmabashforth

Arrival of Blurb book

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Today the book I ordered from Blurb arrived, I wasn’t expecting it to arrive in time for the deadline (I thought it would arrive just after, in plenty of time for the exhibition) so I was extremely pleased when it came through the post box. When I was ordering the book, I almost ordered a few copies, but the website advised me to order just one copy first, and then to order some more later as long as I was happy with it. I’m glad I did this, because there is just one thing that I don’t think I would be happy with showing at the exhibition and would like to change before then.

I am mostly happy with the way the book has turned out. I love the blank cover and white pages, and I love the way the triptychs look on one page with the lyrics on the page opposite. The only thing I want to change is the text on the page that describes the project and the text on the page about me. I wasn’t expecting the font to be as big as it actually is, and while I think it works on the pages next to the triptychs, I think it is far too big on the text-only pages.

So, I have gone back into blurb and edited the size of the text on those pages before ordering two more copies that I will be able to use for the exhibition, and this is also enough to have a back up just in case. I paid for fast shipping again and the book will be here in time for the exhibition. I didn’t think there was a lot of point in exhibiting a book I wasn’t totally happy with, so I am more than okay with editing and ordering a few more books to show only strong pieces at the exhibitions we are putting on.


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