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May 22, 2012 / emmabashforth


Carucci, E (2002) Closer. California: Chronicle

Germain, J (2005) For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. London: Steidl

Goldin, N (1996) I’ll Be Your Mirror. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art.

Davis, J (Ongoing) Self-Portraits [online] available from <>

Harris, J (Ongoing) Self-Portraits [online] available from <>

Honey, N (1990) Woman To Woman [online] available from <>

Honey, N (Ongoing) Daisy [online] available from <>

Ju, M & Tsai, P (2006-07) My Litte Dead Dick [online] available from <>

Kawauchi, R (2005) Cui Cui. Tokyo: FOIL

Kawauchi, R (2005) The Eyes, The Ears. Tokyo: FOIL

Marder, M (2006) Nine. New York: Greenberg Van Doren Gallery


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