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May 22, 2012 / emmabashforth


This has been quite a bought project for me to get through. Taking self-portraits was never something I had attempted before Picturing The Body and after really enjoying it and getting some good results, I decided it was something I wanted to continue. I didn’t know quite how difficult it would be to continue this project long term and to constantly be photographing myself. There were many times at which I got stuck and felt like I wasn’t producing any work that was good enough and from those times I feel as though I haven’t produced as much work as I could have. That being said, I am pleased with my final pieces and think there are enough of them, but I do think that maybe I could have had more images as supporting work, it was just so difficult to get past the block I had.

The way in which I was going to present my images changed a number of times. From originally wanting to cover the wall with a large number of small prints, to producing final pieces made up of three or more images, to finally settling on the triptychs I have always been used to making. I think that this decision was definitely for the best and now that I’ve seen the finished work, I couldn’t imagine having my final pieces appear any other way.

The book I produced was also something that changed a few times. It was first going to consist of the large number of images I originally wanted to produce as finals, then there was going to be no book at all, and then, after deciding on the titles of my images, I made a smaller book than originally planned, but one that I am extremely happy with. The book, as mentioned in a previous post, did have to be edited slightly due to some text being a little too large.

Coming up with titles for my final pieces was the most difficult part (other than getting stuck) of this project for me. I have never been good at titling my work, but I think in the end here I settled on some titles that really work for the project and how personal it is to me, and really add to it and what the viewer get from it. I am a lot happier with the titling of my work than I thought I would be.

Overall, I feel like this project has been a success. Despite getting stuck and feeling like I spent a little too long on making some decisions (like how to present and how to hang my work) it all worked out in time and I think will make for a really good exhibition piece. I am especially pleased that this is a project that I continued from an old one and saw through until the very end, when at times it could have been very easy to give up and start an easier project. For this being my first exhibition piece, I am extremely happy with it.


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